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Emil Aagaard Thomsen


Postdoc, PhD

Primary affiliation

Emil Aagaard Thomsen

Areas of expertise

  • CRISPR/Cas9
  • Lentiviral vectors
  • Molecular cloning
  • Flow cytometry
  • PCR / RT-qPCR
  • Genomics
  • NGS
  • Gene Knock-in
  • Homology-directed repair
  • FACS
  • Western blot analysis
  • Innate Immune response

Contact information

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Currently employed as a post doc in the laboratory of Professor Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen at the Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Denmark. My post doc position is in affiliation with the Center for Immunology of Viral Infections (CiViA). Primarily, my focus rests on CRISPR-based screening of the genome, utilizing this to investigate the regulation of the innate immune system and aspects of Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. 

Selected publications

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