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Egon Randa Frandsen


Logistics Coordinator

Primary affiliation

Egon Randa Frandsen

Areas of expertise

  • Logistic management
  • Administrativ management of ARC
  • Field work in NE. Greenland
  • Project management
  • Laboratrory cordination at ARC

Contact information

Telephone number
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Lab Technician and have worked with mass spec. several years (1990-2012)

Cand Merc. in logistic and have worked with logistic in Greenland since 1996

Participated in many courses on dangerous goods, safety in the field, project management, administration and more



Arctic Research i cooperation with scientists in ARC


Arctic Sciente Partnership (ASP) - asp-net.org

Isaaffik - isaaffik.org


Dangerous goods in accordance with the rules ADR, IATA and IMDG

Job responsibilities

Center mangement of Arctic Center

Administration of projects

Logistic management for arctic projects in ARC

Coordination of ARC lab

Selected publications

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