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Jens Peter Andersen


Senior Researcher, PhD

Primary affiliation

Jens Peter Andersen

Areas of expertise

  • Bibliometrics
  • Sociology of science
  • Inequality
  • Network analysis
  • Social network analysis

Contact information

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My research focuses on sociological trends and inequalities in the scientific system, as expressed through publications, research funding, and other measurable elements of the research process. I primarily combine bibliometric methods, social network analysis and natural language processing of scientific text to analyse, e.g. gender differences and issues around elite formation in academia.

Teaching activities

I teach social network analysis at the Department of Political Science and supervise master's and PhD students.

Master's students with interests in social networks or quantitative studies of inequalities are welcome to get in touch.


I advise ministries, foundations, research leaders and many other parties on research evaluation, exploration of research potentials, mapping of topical areas, and inequalities in research. I have a keen understanding of the differences across the research system, and how it influences the way we can assess, compare and discuss quality and impact.

Selected publications

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