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Luna Kondrup Marcussen


Centre Administrator, Academic employee

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Luna Kondrup Marcussen CV

Areas of expertise

  • Administration
  • Project coordination
  • Project application
  • Daily management, support
  • Research, support

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I am eager to put my experiences in research and administration to use in a way that contributes to developing research projects to better understand and manage natural and environmental conditions.

In my work as Center Administrator at the Social-Ecological Systems Simulation (SESS) Centre, I fulfil this by assisting in national and EU research projects about environmental stressors that impact wild species, beekeeping, and crop production.

The Social-Ecological Systems Simulation (SESS) Centre

The SESS Centre aims to facilitate systems understanding and decision-making. SESS focuses on the development of simulation as a tool to explore the implications of management decisions on the environmental, societal and economic aspects of managed systems.

We work with complex software simulations, GIS, agricultural systems and weather data, and have ALMaSS species models for insects, bird, and mammals, as well as people.

Learn more: www.sess.au.dk

Selected publications

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