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Michael Alrøe


Group Leader, Associate Professor, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Primary affiliation

Michael Alrøe

Areas of expertise

  • Embedded Systems
  • Robotics
  • Communication Systems / IoT
  • Programming
  • Digital Electronics

Contact information

Telephone number
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Industrial background:
•    Electronic warfare monitoring system for HAWK missile system, Royal Danish Army
•    Hull torsion measurement system on Stanflex-300 ships, Royal Danish Navy
•    Deformation measurement system for bearings for 76 mm naval gun on Stanflex-300 ships, Royal Danish Navy
•    Nozzle controller project for Ariane 5 launch rocket, European Space Agency (ESA)
•    Flight Management Guidance Computer (FMGC) parts for Airbus A310/A320 aircrafts
•    Hydrographic Survey Systems
•    Single- and multi beam (Reson/Teledyne) digital echo sounders
•    Data collection and processing systems with installations worldwide for rivers, lakes, inland waterways, harbours, offshore, and mining applications.
•    Diamond mining in Namibia, Namdeb Diamond Corporation (De Beers)
•    Dredge ship for Bangkok harbour/river entrance, Port Authority Thailand
•    Parts for supporting the salvage of Russian submarine Kursk
•    And many many more….

Industrial positions:
•    Software Engineer
•    Project Manager
•    R&D Manager - Hardware and software
•    Vice President

•    Associate Professor
•    Teaching in bachelor and master courses
•    Main fokus on embedded programming and systems, data communication, robotics
•    Supervising projects

Selected publications

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