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Mads Thygesen


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Mads Thygesen

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  • Dramaturgy
  • Theatre Pratice
  • Dramaturgical Management

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As a dramaturg, I am dedicated to exploring the intersection of dramaturgical theory and artistic practice, employing approaches such as text and performance analysis, new dramaturgy, and performative aesthetics. My research delves into the complexities of contemporary European theatre, particularly its role as a medium for political and social engagement. My publications frequently address the integration of classical dramaturgy with current artistic and societal challenges.

Teaching activities

I have an educational background in dramaturgy, having earned both my Master's and PhD degrees from the University of Aarhus. My studies were followed by a specialisation in Systemic Management and further studies in State Management. My academic journey has equipped me with deep insights into the theoretical and practical aspects of theatre, pedagogy and management, enhancing my research and teaching methodologies in dramaturgy.


Throughout my career, I have been privileged to collaborate with renowned artists in Denmark and abroad, and engage in various professional networks that have significantly enriched my work in dramaturgy. Additionally, I have maintained active participation in educational networks such as NORTEAS and CDPR. These associations have provided me with platforms for exchange and discourse, allowing me to share my work and learn from the experiences of my peers globally.


Throughout my career, I have held several management and board positions that have significantly contributed to my professional development in management and consultancy capacities. As an educational leader, for example as rector of The Danish National School of Performing Arts, I was actively involved in setting artistic and academic standards, as well as in strategic planning. Additionally, my role on the board of Dramaten (the Royal Theatre of Sweden) allowed me to engage with international theatre practices and collaborations, enhancing cross-cultural understandings and initiatives.

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