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Mathias Bonde Korsgaard


Associate Professor

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Mathias Bonde Korsgaard

Areas of expertise

  • Music video
  • Audiovisual studies
  • Video essays/videographic criticism
  • Film studies

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Mathias Bonde Korsgaard is Associate Professor of Online Video Cultures at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies. He is among the internationally leading scholars in the field of music video studies, having published widely on the subject and played a key role in revitalizing music video scholarship in the digital age. Apart from his book, Music Video After MTV (Routledge 2017), he has co-edited two anthologies: Traveling Music Videos (with Tomáš Jirsa, Bloomsbury 2024) and Nordic Music Videos (with Anna-Elena Pääkkölä and John Richardson, Routledge forthcoming), and contributed to many influential volumes, including The Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics (OUP, 2013), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Video Analysis (Bloomsbury, 2019), and The Oxford Handbook of Cinematic Listening (OUP, 2021). Korsgaard is the editor-in-chief of the Danish online film journal 16:9 (16-9.dk). Apart from scholarship on film and audiovisual media, the journal also publishes audiovisual essays, a field within which Korsgaard is also a practitioner himself. Moreover, he is also a practicing musician and recording artist of many years, having performed at more than 100 concerts.

Selected publications

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