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Mikel Johannes Hubertus Venhovens



Primary affiliation

Mikel Johannes Hubertus Venhovens

Areas of expertise

  • Georgia,
  • Abkhazia
  • Violence
  • (Chronic) Crisis
  • Governmentality,
  • Biopolitics
  • Borderization
  • Nation Building,
  • State Building
  • Wellbeing during Fieldwork
  • Paranoia
  • Fieldwork in Sensitive Environments

Contact information

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Research Interests:

My research interests are centered around conflict dynamics regarding de-facto states, such as issues of (nation-) state building, Crisis & (post-) conflict, violence, ethnicity, disenfranchement borderization processes, ruination, uncertainty and (im-)mobility politics. My main geographic focus at the moment is the Post-Soviet Sphere, with specific focus on the semi-recognized Republic of Abkhazia, the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine.

Furthemore, methodologically I am very interested in issues regarding wellbeing, uncertainty and paranoia during fieldwork in difficult environments.

In the past I have been a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder (2019) and currently am also a Research Fellow of the Moving Matters Research Group at the University of Amsterdam


Current Research:
I am currently engaged in a research project at Aarhus University and the University of Amsterdam, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (2022-2024) titled: Territorial Phantom Pain: Exploring the Post-Conflict Environment of Territorial Loss, Crisis and Non-Return in the Republic of Georgia.

Selected publications

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