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Sanne Wøhlk



Primary affiliation

Sanne Wøhlk

Areas of expertise

  • Vehicle routing
  • Waste collection
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Operations Research
  • Logistics

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Sanne is associate member of the Center for Research in Energy: Economics and Markets (CoRE). 


Sanne's research is within the area of Operations Research. In her research, she draws upon tools from business administration, operations research, computer science, mathematics, and programming. Her main research interest is logistics issues of reverse logistics, in particular waste collection and recycling processes. She develops mathematical models and algorithms for planning of transportation and distribution of goods in a way that is both economically sound, environmentally sustainable, and meets the requirements of the customers.

Teaching activities

Sanne is teaching a master´s course in distribution and transportation for MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Analytics. She also teaches logistics for HAjur and HAsoc students.

Sanne undertakes supervision of internships and master theses as well as Ph.D. supervision. 

Sanne has previously taught the following courses:

  • Advanced Excel/VBA programming
  • Warehouse Management
  • Project Management: Synamic Planning and Control


Sanne has strong research collaboration in both Europe and Canada.

Outside academea, she has a long-lasting collaboration with several partners in the waste industry.

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Selected activities

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