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Lab-manager at the Danish Center for Ultrahigh-Field NMR Spectroscopy 1002153

The Department of Chemistry and the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO) at Aarhus University are seeking applications for an academic position (AC-TAP) which includes scientific, administrative, as well as teaching duties at the Danish Center for Ultrahigh-Field NMR spectroscopy (the NMR center). The intended start date for this appointment is November 1, 2018, or as soon as possible thereafter.

The NMR center was established in 2015 around a 950 MHz NMR instrument equipped for solid- and liquid-state NMR but also hosts a number of other spectrometers for state of the art solid state-, liquid state-, high-pressure-, and rheo-NMR, micro imaging, hyperpolarization, and has planned solid-state and dissolution DNP facilities. The NMR center is a national facility that complements other national research facilities at iNANO and serves the Danish and Scandinavian NMR communities.

The candidate will be responsible for

• management of daily operation of the NMR spectrometers within the NMR center
• communication with external users of the NMR center
• assist internal and external users of the spectrometers in choosing and setting up experiments
• solving problems related to the spectrometers within the NMR center and at the Department of Chemistry and at iNANO
• developing and implementing new experiments
• participating in the NMR team at the Department of Chemistry
• participating in teaching and development of laboratory courses in chemistry and nanoscience
• center administration, such as writing reports, application writing, etc.

The successful candidate must have strong background in solution- and/or solid-state NMR spectroscopy including experience in development and implementation of advanced experiments as well as a good technical understanding of the NMR spectrometers. The candidate must hold a masters or PhD degree in chemistry or a closely related discipline.

The motivated application must be in English and include curriculum vitae, degree certificate, a complete list of publications, and a description of previous relevant merits. The application should include the names and e-mail addresses of three people who can provide a letter of reference.

Read more about the Department of Chemistry, iNANO, and the NMR center at www.chem.au.dk, www.inano.au.dk, and www.nmr.au.dk. Denmark is known for its good working environment and work-life-balance, great welfare system, and free educational system. To assist foreigners settling in Denmark, Aarhus University has gathered practical and informal information about living in Denmark. This information is available at http://www.au.dk/en/exchange/living-in-denmark.

The place of work is Langelandsgade 140, DK-8000 Aarhus C, and the area of employment is Aarhus University with related departments. 

For further information on the position please contact Prof. Thomas Vosegaard (tel +45 6020 2639) or Head of Department of Chemistry, Prof. Birgit Schiøtt (tel +45 2982 6882).

Salary depends on seniority as agreed between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Confederation of Professional Unions.


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