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Test your business hypotheses

"Get out of the building to test your business hypotheses"

At this years first Science for Society inspirational talk, Fiona Linnea Bach-Gansmo, CEO and co-founder of Bioco Medico, shared her experience of participating in Lean LaunchPad training and testing business hypothesis as a research start-up. 

BIOCO MEDICO is a spin-out company from Aarhus University. The company uses biological solutions to connect materials and has invented a tissue glue.

During Science for Society Lean LaunchPad training Fiona conducted a huge amount of interviews and a number of observations in real life situations where the tissue glue could potentially become an applicable product. 

Her main advice to the audience of starts-ups, PhD-students and Post Docs at the meeting was: 
“If you want to create value with your research, you have to:

get out of the building

listen louder

- gather insights about you future customers, market and potential partners

Use the insights to make your Minimum Viable Product, to clarify your focus areas and don’t expect the innovation process to be linear”.

No doubts that Fiona has gained a lot of knowledge about her potential users during the interviews and she can now apply this knowledge for improving the Bioco Medico’s future business model and next step strategy.

If you want to learn more about Bioco Medico – you can visit their website