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OPEN Action Objectives


  • Strengthen and showcase European scholarship on the EU, higher education and research policy, new nationalisms and geopolitical pressures by consolidating a network of researchers from diverse fields.
  • Create a digital research genealogy and theorisation bringing together higher education and political science studies, to trace how the modern European university became entangled in nation state politics and political projects promoting integration and international alliances
  • Developing a transferable comparative framework based on an ethics of context sensitivity, for additional studies on the future of European higher education and research areas and of the EU.
  • Develop a comparative empirical mapping and analyse data across different domains of impact to understand the variegated and context-specific facets of the effects of new nationalisms and geopolitical pressures on European higher education and research. 
  • Coordinate the dissemination of Action results to both academic and policy arenas, including a position paper between academics and stakeholders on academic freedom criteria. 
  • Promote and support the academic training of Young Researchers and Innovators (YRI) through training schools (3), colloquia (4) and a mentorship program led by a Mentorship Coordinator. 
  • Facilitate mobility opportunities and conference participations for YRIs and researchers from less-research intensive member countries by sharing research infrastructures and capacities. 
  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary exchanges on common themes towards the development of innovative approaches to understanding how new nationalisms and related geopolitical pressures affect European higher education and research. 
  • Promote synergies with the ERA’s policy agenda (2022-2024) and its priority area concerning the internal market for knowledge, including open science ambitions and the protection of academic freedom in Europe