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Second OPEN COST Action management committee meeting

In connection with the annual conference in Aveiro, the OPEN COST Action management committee had their second meeting.

On April 17th, the OPEN COST Action management committee met for the second time. The management committee is made up of representatives from 38 different COST member countries, with backgrounds spanning a wide range of academic disciplines. This diversity of both nationalities and disciplinary perspectives is the management committee’s greatest strength and is crucial to supporting the aim of the Action.

One of the many important topics discussed at the meeting were the grant opportunities that the OPEN COST Action will offer in the future, in particular Short Term Scientific Mission grants and conference grants. Read more about the grants here.

For more information about the OPEN Action and its other initiatives, visit opencostaction.eu or follow @OPENcostACTION on X and “OPEN. EU COST Action CA22121” on LinkedIn.