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Aarhus University covers the OPEN COST Action

"AU to head a pan-European project on academic freedom" writes the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University.

The Danish School of Education. Photo: Jesper Rais.

The OPEN COST Action is achored at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. Read their coverage of the project here.

In their coverage Aarhus University has collected statemets from OPEN chair Associate Professor Katja Brøgger. When describing the aim of OPEN Brøgger explains that:

"Today, the universities in Europe are caught between conflicting visions for Europe: Deeper political integration and openness, on the one hand, and a manifestation of the European nation states as centres of political sovereignty and social security, on the other" and that:

"In addition, the EU’s security policy considerations with regard to countries such as Russia and China also limit the ambition to achieve full openness which otherwise characterises the EU’s research policy. Therefore, protectionism, regionalism and security policy challenge open exchange with neighbouring countries and communities outside the EU. So we are seeing a development that affects academic freedom and the international engagement and mobility of universities. We will explore the increased pressure of new nationalisms and geopolitical tensions on the openness of European higher education and research, and the implications for the future of Europe.”