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The OPEN COST Action's Working Group 4 emphasizes stakeholder engagement at first meeting in Vienna

In a pivotal step towards addressing the impact of rising nationalisms and geopolitical shifts on European higher education and research, the fourth working group of the COST network OPEN recently convened for its inaugural meeting. The group, dedicated to policy outreach and disseminating Action results, actively focused on identifying, mapping, and planning outreach to key stakeholders.

The first in-person meeting of OPEN Working Group 4 (WG4) took place on the 29th and 30th of January at the Central European University in Vienna. WG4 specializes in research outreach and dissemination, and is headed by Professor Andrea Peto, Central European University and Dr. Reina Shehi, Epoka University. With the meeting's focal point being the identification of key stakeholders, working group members engaged in identifying and mapping stakeholders who play crucial roles in shaping the landscape of higher education and research in the face of emerging global challenges. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, Working Group 4 is gearing up to bridge gaps and connect with stakeholders from both academic and policy spheres. This collaborative effort aims to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the challenges posed by nationalisms and geopolitical pressures and influence the future trajectory of European higher education and research.

Parallel to the working group meeting, the Central European University hosted a networking event for students and Early Career Scholars featuring introductions from Pro-Rector for External Relations Carsten Q. Schneider and Professor Andrea Peto. During the event, OPEN Vice Chair Dr, Hannah Moscovitz presented the aims and scope of the OPEN COST Action.