Upcoming events

Upcoming events

This fall we will provide talks and workshops about value creation, communication of your research, business models, academic entrepreneurship, patents, investors and collaboration with industry. Once again we will bring guest speakers, trainers and entrepreneurs to inspire and support you.

Value in research workshop - 11th September

Collaboration Planning with Novo Nordisk - workshop 27th September

Business Modelling - workshop  5th October 2017

Approaching your stakeholders - workshop 12th October 2017


Are you encouraged by the potential IMPACT from your research? Science for Society now launch a PhD conference about scientific impact, focusing on how to make scientific IMPACT on society and industry. From 16th to 17th of November in Oslo, we welcome PhDs and Postdocs based in Sweden, Denmark and Norway to keynote talks, workshops, PhD stories, corporate meetups and a unique industry fair, where academics can meet industry: https://www.phdconferenceoslo.com/

Lean Launch Pad Fall 2017 - 5 workshops

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SPININ – do you want to be matched with a business mentor? 

SPININ is a growth program where an entrepreneur and an established company can exchange knowledge, experience and inspiration. Contact asb@au.dk or learn more at www.spinin.au.dk 


Costumized events

  • Collaboration Planning: Enables PhDs/Postdocs to communicate value to potential commercial partners, helping both sides to set expectations and understand respective obligations. Read more about the Collaboration Planner    
  • Lean LaunchPad: Workshops focused on business model design and customer discovery. For participation and information contact Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl
  • Value Creation Workshop: Contact us, if you, your department/team would like to join a workshop
  • What is Entrepreneurship workshop: Contact us, if you want to learn how entrepreneurial skills can benefit your research funding, employability or in creating your own job.
  • Entrepreneurship courses and workshop: Contact us, if you are interested in attending the ECTS course in 2017
  • Get a business mentor or collaboration partner: Contact us if you would like us to help you establish a business collaboration.
  • SPININ: Create growth in your company by being part of a SPININ collaboration where an entrepreneur and an established company can exchange knowledge, experience and inspiration, for more information contact Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl
  • Events at our partner universities: Find out more about other events
  • Or if you are interested in participating in workshops on e.g. prototyping, business modeling, IPR, business collaborations, negotiation, Pitch Training, personal profiles and team building, costumer discovery, or other subjects of interest.