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Mads Scott-Fordsmand Christensen



Primær tilknytning

Mads Scott-Fordsmand Christensen CV


  • Teknologi/Digitalisering/Prototyper
  • Datalogi/IT/AI/ML
  • Projektstyring/Lederskab
  • Forretningsudvikling/Startups
  • Agile Udviklingsprocesser/Scrum




Research background/interests

  • As a background, I have several years of experience in project management, software and tech engineering, as an external lecturer, and independent business owner, founded in various technological and business domains. I have developed and deployed technological and data-driven systems for clients and stakeholders, within multiple tech-stacks, merged and designed into areas of Information Systems, IoT, web- and app-applications, VR/AR technologies, AI, and Machine Learning systems, etc. - I am also Scrum Master certified from ScrumAlliance, qualifying me to act in agile environments. 

  • In general, I have a deep, broad and hands-on understanding and experience within multiple areas of technologies and digital aspects, combined with the newest technological trends and business opportunities.

Methodological & Theoretical background/interests

  • I primarily utilize the Design Science Research (DSR) methodology as the core framework for developing, designing, and evaluating technological artifact creations and solutions.

  • I also use other relevant theories related to software architectures and application design, system modularization, human-computer interaction, data visualization techniques and prototyping to inform and complement the DSR approach.
  • I primarily conduct qualitative research to collect and analyze artifact creation and development requirements from stakeholders and the environment of the problem, as well as to demonstrate and evaluate solutions. I also collect quantitative data for measuring and collecting system data.

  • I use interviews, observations, document analysis, case studies, experiments, and simulations to explore and understand the technical, organizational, and human factors involved in developing and utilizing data-driven systems to understand, design, and integrate innovative solutions.

Moreover, I am the Lab-Lead of the PROTO* Research Lab at Aarhus University placed at AU Herning.

See more about the PROTO* Lab here: https://btech.au.dk/forskning/labs/proto-lab