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Odile Liliana Panetta



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Odile Liliana Panetta




I am a postdoctoral researcher on the AUFF-funded project "BODY POLITIC(S) - The body in early modern political thought", led by Professor Anna Becker at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas. My own contribution to the project explores the development and dissemination of ideas and discussions about civil punishment and ecclesiastical discipline in early modern Reformed Protestantism, from the rise of the movement until the end of the era of "early orthodoxy" (ca. 1640).

Before coming to Aarhus, I completed a PhD in History at the University of Cambridge, with a thesis on the contributions brought by Italian Protestant exiles to debates over the legitimacy of coercing heretics in mid-sixteenth-century Switzerland (1553-1584). I have written several articles on various aspects of the Swiss heresy debate, for Renaissance and Reformation and a number of edited volumes. My doctoral thesis is currently under consideration for publication with Brill's Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions.

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