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Understanding the biological fate of environmental signals requires us to explain variability in both biomass (a combination of number and size) as well as the overlap among players in space and time. As such, our research covers a range of topics aimed at explaining variability in abundance, size, connectivity, life history timing, distribution, and feeding for life in the ocean. 

Research questions are often ecologically based with natural and necessary connections to physiology, evolutionary biology, resource management, oceanography, and climate science. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to develop theory-based tools to both explain observed patterns and predict dynamics for future ocean life given potential environmental as well as biological (adaptive) changes.


I teach courses on marine ecology, oceanography, global change biology, research theory, programming and statistical and mathematical modelling.

I am currently head of the taskforce that is designing and implementing the Data Skills Portfolio Program to improve data skills training in our Biology eductation.  

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