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Bart Verwaeren



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Bart Verwaeren CV


  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management




I hold a PhD in Business (applied economics) and a BA and MS in Organisational and Work Psychology from Ghent University (Belgium). Before joining Aarhus BSS, I held research positions at Vlerick Business School (Belgium), University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and I was a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California (USA).


I am an organisational psychologist, and I study how individuals and teams pursue creativity. I have collaborated with various SMEs and large organisations to answer applied questions about the role that creativity plays in organisations.

My research is about how organisations can stimulate employee creativity. Some specific topics of interest are…

  • Openness to new ideas by team leaders, senior managers, peers.
  • Creative mentorship
  • The effects of accountability systems (e.g., monitoring, performance management practices, incentives) on creativity and innovation

I am open to collaborations with organisations on these (and other) topics. Feel free to reach out to me!


I teach courses on work psychology, research methods, and creativity at the Bachelor and Master level. 

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