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Julia Steding




I'm a classical archaeologist with a BA from the University of Groningen, a MA from the University of Cologne, and a PhD from Aarhus University. 

After having been involved in reserach projects around Palmyra and its portraiture, I'm currently developing an achaeology program for school children for the NGO Videnskabsklubben. 



My reserach focusses on portraiture from the Roman Empire. In my MA thesis I explored gender and socialisation through the depiction of children in the funerary sphere.

My PhD focused on the production of Palmyrene portraits, including a detailed study of tool traces, the structure and scope of the production and the carvers' and customers' influence on the final product. 

I also (co)published articles on the funerary sculpture from Palmyra, the archival materials of the Danish archaeologist Harald Ingholt and reuse practices in Antiquity.


My work in collaboration with Videnskabsklubben is my first step into my journey into scientific outreach. I have develeoped educational activities that explain archaeology and archaeological science in a vivid way to school children, also providing background information on each topic. 

I also took a course in Science Outreach at DMJX, learning more about outreach via different media such as newspapers, websites, and podcasts.

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Brug piltasterne på tastaturet for at scrolle
Brug piltasterne på tastaturet for at scrolle
Brug piltasterne på tastaturet for at scrolle