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Timo Trimborn



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Timo Trimborn


  • Dynamic Macroeconomics
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Growth and Development
  • Health Economics
  • Climate Change




Personal Homepage: http://timo-trimborn.de

Code for solving dynamic macroeconomic models in continuous-time can be found at https://sites.google.com/view/relaxmacro/home


Selected Publications

Schünemann,  J., Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., (2023), Anticipation of Deteriorating Health and Information Avoidance, Journal of Health Economics 89, pp 102755.

Schünemann, J., Trimborn, T., (2023), Boosting Taxes for Boasting about Houses? Status Concerns in the Housing Market, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 205, pp 120-143.

Schünemann, J., Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., (2020), The Marriage Gap: Optimal Aging and Death in Partnerships, Review of Economic Dynamics, 36, pp 158-176.

Prettner, K., Trimborn, T., (2017), Demographic Change and R&D-based Economic Growth, Economica, 84, pp 667-681.

Schünemann, J., Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., (2017), The gender gap in mortality: How much is explained by behavior?, Journal of Health Economics,  54, pp 79-90.

Grossmann, V., Steger, T.M., Trimborn, T., (2016), Quantifying Optimal Growth Policy, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 18(3), pp 451-485.

Posch, O., Trimborn, T., (2013), Numerical Solution of Dynamic Equilibrium models under Poisson Uncertainty, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37, pp 2602-2622.

Grossman, V., Steger, T.M., Trimborn, T., (2013), Dynamically Optimal R&D Subsidization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37, pp 516-534.

Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., (2012), Laffer Strikes Again: Dynamic Scoring of Capital Taxes, European Economic Review, 56, pp 1180–1199.

Trimborn, T., Koch, K.-J., Steger, T.M., (2008), Multi-Dimensional Transitional Dynamics: A Simple Numerical Procedure, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 12, pp 301-319.


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