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Episode 3: Postdoc Ea Høg Utoft

In this episode of the #DiversityAU podcast, postdoc Ea Høg Utoft from Aarhus University explains why a focus on workplace culture is important when an organisation like AU seeks to address gender equality. Høg Utoft is a researcher at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy at AU. 

The second season of #DiversityAU podcast aims to inspire and give practical advice on how to take forward the ambitions laid out in AU’s Action plan for gender equality 2020-2022.  

Host of the podcast is Danish journalist Carsten Ortmann – known from DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) radio channel P1.

“Culture is part of the explanation for why we see imbalance at leadership level and horizontal gender segregration in different professions” - Ea Høg Utoft

About #DiversityAU-podcast


The #DiversityAU podcast series explores key focus areas in Aarhus University’s work to promote diversity and gender equality. The second season is out now and focuses on AU’s Action Plan for Gender Equality 2020-2022. Zooming in on the four focus areas of the action plan - recruitment, career development, leadership and workplace culture - Danish journalist Carsten Ortmann interviews four experts on each of these areas.

In the podcast you can meet Professor Yvonne Benchop (Radboud University), Assistant Professor Mathias Wullum Nielsen (University of Copenhagen), postdoc Ea Høg Utoft (Aarhus University) and Claartje Vinkenburg (independent expert consultant affiliated with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). Find the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify – or stream it from this website.

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