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Fra international studerende til en karriere i Danmark: Vejen til jobbet startede allerede på studiet

Hvordan tiltrækker man som virksomhed internationale dimittender fra universitetet? Hvorfor er en karriere i Danmark attraktiv? Og hvad gør Aarhus Universitet for at hjælpe internationale studerende med at lande drømmejobbet i Danmark? MSc i Computer Science fra Aarhus Universitet, Mihai-Alexandru Mihalache, deler sin vej fra studie til job.

Mihai-Alexandru Mihalache: MSc i Computer Science og cloud engineer hos Danske Bank.

What made a career attractive to you in Denmark?

The best thing that a career in Denmark can offer you is flexibility. The work-life balance is perfect in this country and your employer is always supporting you, no matter what problem there is. Moreover, the flat hierarchy that is present here helps you reach your professional, career goals by being encouraged to think outside the box, speak up your mind and try new things from time to time.

How did you get in touch with the employer?

Through a career event organized by Aarhus University in May 2020, in collaboration with Destination Aarhus. This was even before starting my Master's degree.

What is your best advice for companies who want to attract international students and graduates?

Open new student positions, advertise them on LinkedIn and contact Destination Aarhus for publishing the job ads on their webpage. Collaboration and pro-activity are the key here.

What was your biggest challenge in getting employment in Denmark?

I got my student job from the second week I arrived in Denmark, so I cannot give a proper answer in this matter. However, it was a bit difficult when I first started the job to create proper relationships with my colleagues being there only two times a week. My employer made it easy for me by considering me part of the “family” from day one. I never felt a stranger, nor any negative feeling in regards of accommodating at the workplace.

How did Aarhus University support you in pursuing a career in Denmark?

They actively collaborated and created events with Destination Aarhus, provided a good quality network of professionals and made it possible for most of the students to find a job and a career path in Denmark.

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