AU Challenge

AU Challenge 2018 has been finalized, and a winner has been found.

AU Challenge presented an exclusive series of workshops, giving a unique opportunity to work in teams with students from across all four faculties at Aarhus University.

Workshops are conducted by top professionals, and will provide you with thorough case solving skills and presentation techniques. You will grow your network with company representatives and expand your ideas on how and where you can apply your competencies.

The series of workshops culminate in a real life test-case, where Arla invites you to solve a pressing challenge within the area of CSR and sustainability, well suited for a cross disciplinary approach. The winning team is awarded a day at Arla, where they meet up with senior level employees and Talent Acquisition Consultants. Furthermore, the team wins personality and logics tests, used in global recruitment processes. And finally, the team has lunch with business representatives at Arla.

Workshops take place in week 10 - 14 from 15-21, and require no preparation in between. Trainers for the workshops are all profesional capacities, among whom you will find Boston Consulting Group.

It is a requirement that you participate in minimum 3 out of 4 workshops, and participation in the test-case is mandatory. Food, drinks and social events are included.

In week 15 your team gets to participate in the Aspire Case Camp; which is part of Aarhus Case Competition week.

AU Challenge is open to all national as well as international 3rd, 4th and 5th-year students at Aarhus University, and you don't need to have prior experiense with case competitions to join.

If you are accepted as a participant in the AU Challenge 2018, you will get a personal profile analysis and an invitation for a personal interview explaining your profile characteristics.

Simply apply by uploading a motivated application and your CV, no later than 20th February 2018. By motivated application, we mean an A4 page, where you describe why you are motivated to participate in AU Challenge. If you are already part of a cross faculty team, you can apply together wilth your team members.

Application deadline was 20/2.

How to apply

You simply apply by uploading a motivated application and your cv. By motivated application, we mean an A4 page, where you describe why you are motivated to participate in AU Challenge! No prior experiense with case competitions is required.

Application deadline was 20/2.