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How much time am I expected to spend on AU Challenge?

You must be present during the entire day and evening of the 10th November, 11th November from 9-15 and 12th November from 14-19. 

It is strongly recommended that you attend the workshop on the 26th October from 15-19. The company visit on the 28th October, lasts from 8-16. 

You don’t have to do any preparation on your own. 

Do I need to participate in all workshops to qualify for competition?

Not participating in the workshop and the company visit will not disqualify you from the competition. It is important that you communicate that with your team and make sure they pass on what they have learnt to you. The case solving workshop will be recorded, so you can watch it afterwards.

Can I sign up as a team?

You can sign up in three ways. You can sign up as a team of 4 people, as long as there are at least two faculties represented in your team. You can sign up with a team mate from your study, two people together. And finally, you can also sign up individually, and then we gather you in teams consisting of 4 people. When gathering the teams, we aim for maximum diversity with regards to education, gender and nationality. This gives you access to the innovation potential of interdisciplinarity, as well as a great experience with using your skills and knowledge in a new context. You will have team building workshop and will get ample chances to get to know your team well before the case competition. 

How many people are there in each team?

Each team consists of 4 people. 

Do I need any prior experience or specific qualifications to participate in the Challenge?

No, you need no prior experience or specific qualifications. We’re looking for student from all fields of study, with different sets of skills. The chances are, you already have what it takes! 

You will be taught how to solve and present cases by top professionals from Ramboll. 

Is the challenge open for all students?

The challenge is open for Danish and International students, on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th year. PhD students are also welcome. 

Do I have to prepare food for myself?

No. We provide food and drinks on all occasions - during workshop, company visit and main competition.

What about Covid-19?

In case we are required to limit gatherings again, we will follow the guidelines from The Danish Health Authority and Aarhus University. Should any changes to the program occur, we will notify participants as soon as possible.