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Do you want to solve sustainability challenges
with European companies and organizations?

What is Circle U. Challenge 2022? 

Circle U. Challenge is a series of challenges across European universities, who are part of the Circle U. partner alliance. Students from the Circle U. partner universities can join all of the challenges. Here students come up with sustainable solutions to real life challenges, while working in cross disciplinary teams. Teams can be formed at a single university, but can also include students from different European universities. Students take part in workshops, acquiring tools and skills, which they can then apply when working with the challenges, hence all students are considered capable of participating and no previous experience with solving challenges is required.

Read more about the Circle U Challenge here and see the various challenges, which you can choose to participate in. 

Focus on sustainability 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of each case, which participants are asked to solve- thereby contributing to solving the much bigger goal of making the world a better place for future generations. 

Workshops will prepare you for solving the cases

A range of workshops are offered across all of the the Circle U. partner universities, which include pitching, sustainable insights, disruptive thinking, teamwork, business model canvas and problem solving. Most workshops will be streamed online.

The series of workshops culminate in real life case pitch events, where you pitch your solutions to a panel of judges. The winning teams collaborate with the case companies to further develop their ideas. Up to three teams from Aarhus University win a journey to present their challenge solutions at the final show event in Belgrade in May 2023, where they will meet winning teams from the other Circle U partner universities.

When does it take place? 

Circle U. Challenge takes place in November 2022. The deadline for applying is 15th October 2022

What do you get by participating?

  • Develop skills related to communication, problem-solving, team building, and disruptive thinking, as well as delivering pitches, writing business plans, fundraising, and marketing
  • Work on real-life challenges with civic partners and develop solutions that could make a real difference to communities
  • Earn a certificate of participation and entrepreneurial experience that will enhance your CV
  • Gain international experience and network with peers from across Circle U
  • Have a chance of attending the final in Belgrade
  • Receive follow-up support from your home university, and the chance to apply to any accelerator programs they offer.

Who can participate? 

Circle U Challenge 2022 is open to all 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year students as well as Ph.D students coming from Aarhus University or any of the Circle U. partner universities. You can also participate online, and need not be physically present in the country or at the university, where the specific challenge is offered.

I know nothing about challenges –can I still join? 

You don’t need any prior experience with challenges to join, since you will be presented to an exclusive series of workshops (referred to as boot camp), providing you with case solving capacity, pitching skills and a deeper understanding of sustainable issues among many other skills workshops. We are looking for all kinds of skills and educational backgrounds, and the chances are, that you already have what it takes to excel in the challenge! You don’t have to form a team beforehand – you can apply individually, two together or as a team of three - five. If you apply individually we will find you the best possible team for you. Apply here no later than 15/10! 

See the various challenges, you can choose between in the Circle U Challenge here

Apply here

Aarhus Eats Greener

At Aarhus University, we ask students how Aarhus Municipality can engage their citizens in changing their present food habits into habits with a lower CO2 footprint? 

Aarhus Municipality aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have a target of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030. On a global scale food production accounts for 25% of the CO2 emissions, and since CO2 emissions from plant based food products are 10-50 times lower than animal based product the CO2 reduction potential is great . So sign up and make your contribution! 

Read more about Aarhus Municipality and their case in the Circle U Challenge here

Program for participants at Aarhus University

2/11  16-19 Introduction to Aarhus Eats Greener by/ Aarhus Municipality + teambuilding. Case Solving Methods by/ The Kitchen

7/11  16-19 Sustainabillity Lectures (Hans Sandersson/ Iclimate/ Climate Assesment and Substance in Climate Actions + Tina A.G. Venema/ Nudging Effectiveness and Food Habits)

14/11 16-19 Pitch workshop by/ The Kitchen

22/11 16-19 Selection Pitch

January 2023 Teams from Aarhus Eats Greener Challenge develop their winning solutions in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality.

May 2023 up to three winning teams of the Aarhus Eats Greener Challenge are invited to present their solutions in Belgrade all travel expenses paid. Here they will meet up with winners from the other Circle U Challenge partner universities. 

Circle U. Challenge has a strong focus on collaboration and learning experience. Therefore, each team gets a chance to pitch their solution to professional judges and get feedback

Read more about the Circle U alliance

And if you need more reasons to join – food, drinks are included, if you participate in the physical events ;)