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About Science for Society

Science for Society is a learning- and networking platform for PhD-students and postdocs. We focus on academic value creation, entrepreneurship, commercialization and employability

Science for Society 2.0 is a continuation, further development and scaling of Science for Society 1.0, aiming to put more research into use. The project addresses a need in society for greater competitiveness and creation of knowledge-based and technology-intensive businesses and employment within these fields. There is an international tendency, that successful technology companies include competences from the Humanities and Business- and Social Sciences, creating a different aspect to technology. Science for Society 2.0 addresses this development by particularly focusing on engaging the Humanities and Business- and Social Sciences in creating impact and commercialization.

The project cultivates and facilitates a strong innovation ecosystem between the business community, research and educational institutions in order to train researchers in entrepreneurship and to form the basis for a research incubation environment.

Science for Society 2.0 builds on important experience from the first project and will therefore be expanded with new focus areas and activities.

The target group in Science for Society 2.0 involves all researchers. The business community, organizations, startups, investors and incubators are included in the partner group, and we will host co-creation events between the business community, researchers and students.

In Science for Society 2.0 we constantly collaborate with the different faculties to host events and activities that are specifically customized for their researchers, making our work more relevant for you. Science for Society 2.0 also focuses on teach-the-teacher activities for business developers, industrial ambassadors, Ph.d. supervisors and other relevant faculty staff at the university.

Read more about Science for Society 2.0 at the main project website