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Science for Society 2.0

We are happy to announce that we have received funding from Interreg for another 3 years of Science for Society. Our partners for the next three years are Lund University, Aalborg University and the incubators Lund Holding AB, Minc and Lund Business Incubator Ideon.

The objective for the next three years is to put more research into use by cultivating and facilitating a strong innovation ecosystem between the business community, research and educational institutions in order to train researchers in entrepreneurship and to form the basis for a research incubation environment.

In Science for Society 2.0 we will: 

  • expand the target group to include all researchers at Aarhus University 
  • have a more systematic inclusion of the business sector and co-create and facilitate events for researchers with the sector
  • develop events and training sessions customized the four faculties to increase the out-reach and include researchers from all fields
  • develop and proto-type test an incubator environment for researchers at the university

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Satisfied researchers at our spring 2018 workshops:

  • More than 500 participants have joined the activities at Aarhus University in 2017. Our activities are open for researchers from all faculties. In 2017 we could in collaboration with Junior Researcher Development Programme open for registration to the entrepreneurship training course “Engaging Research expertise with societal change: Combining academic knowledge with value creation”. The course will be run during spring 2018 and taught by Associate Professor Sarah Robinson and Special Consultant Helle Meibom Færgemann.

Conference: Impact on Society (Oslo)

Are you encouraged by the potential IMPACT from your research? Science for Society launched a PhD conference about scientific impact, focusing on how to make scientific IMPACT on society and industry. From 16th to 17th of November 2017 in Oslo, PhDs and Postdocs based in Sweden, Denmark and Norway attended keynote talks, workshops, PhD stories, corporate meetups and a unique industry fair, where academics could meet industry: http://nab.no/meninger/over-180-doktorgradskandidater-og-postdoktorer-samlet-seg-pa-blindern/19.15712

Collaboration Planning

How can researchers create business relations? Thirty-five young researchers learned the answer to that question at a workshop on Collaboration Planning hosted by Science for Society with guests from Novo Nordisk. You can read more about Collaboration Planning workshop September 2017 here (in English) or hear a researcher to explaine why it is important in this video (in Danish)

Great first year for PhD entrepreneurship training

More than 400 participants have joined the activities in 2016 - see the overview here