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Applying for InnoBooster

Have you considered applying for InnoBooster or Industrial PostDoc?

Science for Society just hosted an inspirational Talk on How to attract funding from InnoBooster. René Logie Damkjer (Regional Program Manager, INNOVATIONSFONDEN) explained the main criteria for applying and getting investment from Innovationsfondnen.

  • InnoBooster is targeting knowledge-based innovation projects in SME, Startups or University Spin-outs. Innovationsfonden focus on how your project would create value, growth and employability. Your company has to have CVR number when you apply for investment from InnoBooster.
  • Rene stressed that it’s very important that start-ups have a strong team with wide range of competencies when they apply for InnoBooster to secure that the great idea and project can be implemented and would create value.
  • There are no application deadlines for InnoBooster, so you can submit your application when it fits your milestones and business plan.

Besides InnoBooster there are other funding options. For example, if you lack industrial experience as a young researcher, you can apply for Industrial PostDoc - next deadline is 25th of September.