Aarhus Universitets segl

Science for Society 2.0 

We are happy to announce that we have received funding from Interreg for another 3 years of Science for Society. Our partners for the next three years are Lund University, Aalborg University and the incubators Lund Holding AB, Minc and Lund Business Incubator Ideon.

The objective for the next three years is to put more research into use by cultivating and facilitating a strong innovation ecosystem between the business community, research and educational institutions in order to train researchers in entrepreneurship and to form the basis for a research incubation environment.

In Science for Society 2.0 we will: 

  • expand the target group to include all researchers at Aarhus University 
  • have a more systematic inclusion of the business sector and co-create and facilitate events for researchers with the sector
  • develop events and training sessions customised the four faculties to increase the out-reach and include researchers from all fields
  • develop and proto-type test an incubator environment for researchers at the university

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