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What is AU Challenges? 

In November 2021 we will hold AU Grand Challenge - a ground-breaking, cross-disciplinary case competition for all AU students. Up to 200 students from across all five faculties at AU are invited to collaborate in solving real life cases for 3 large Danish companies: Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus Airport and AART Architects. AU Challenge is supported by Danish Industry and workshops are held by Ramboll. Former case companies are: Novozymes, Danske Bank, AURA Energi, Visit Denmark, Aarhus Municipality, Hedeselskabet and ARLA. Application closes on 14th October. Apply here

AU Challenges is a series of case competitions, where students from Aarhus University work in cross disciplinary teams to come up with innovative solutions for sustainable business development for external companies and organizations. Throughout the year, there will be events differing in size and focus.

In March 2022, we will host a series of SME Challenges aimed at small and medium sized enterprises, where 20 approximately students at a time participate in a 1-day case competition in different SME's in Region Middle Jutland. Students can read more here, while SME's should read more here.

And finally, we also host Challenge AU on demand at different times of the year. Challenge AU are based on requests from companies and organizations as well as clusters, who want to establish innovative collaboration with 50 - 120 students from different studies at Aarhus University. If you are a company or an organization and you are interested, please contact Merethe Kruse.

AU Challenges has a strong focus on collaboration and learning experience. Therefore, each team gets a chance to present their solution to professional judges and get feedback. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of all the cases, which participants are asked to solve. Students thereby are not only part of AU Challenges – you also contribute to solving the much bigger goal of making the world a better place for future generations. 


Who can participate? 

AU Challenges are open to all Danish, as well as all international 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year students at Aarhus University. PhD students are also welcome. Apply here

I know nothing about case competitions – can I still join? 

You don’t need any prior experience with case competitions to join, since you will join an exclusive workshop, which will provide you with case solving and case presentation skills

You don’t have to form a team beforehand – you can apply individually, and we match you up with the best possible team. You can also apply as a team, if your team represents at least two different faculties. And lastly, you can apply two study mates together.

In the application, you can select which of the three case companies you would prefer, and we will do our best to meet your priorities. Apply here

About the workshop 

The workshop is conducted by top-professionals from Ramboll, and will provide you with basic case solving skills and presentation techniques. The workshop will take place on the 26th October from 15-19 as a partly physical, partly online workshop. You are not required to do homework in relation to the workshop, and since it is online, you can also plan to watch it when it fits best into your study itinerary.  

On the 28th October from 8-16 there will be a chance to visit your case company and learn about the company context for solving the case. You will also get to practise your new case solving skills in a mini case solving sprint in the case company.

The series of workshops culminate in a real life case competition on the 10th to 12th November, where the three companies invite you to solve challenges well suited for a cross disciplinary approach. All teams work on all day on the 10th, all get to present on the 11th, and the nine best teams of all proceed to the final on the 12th.

Application for AU Challenge 2021 closes 14th October

We are looking for all kinds of skills and educational backgrounds. We believe, you already have what it takes to excel in the competition! Moreover, there will be workshops teaching you casesolving and case presentation. You can sign up in different ways:

  • Sign up individually and we will match you with participants from other studies
  • Sign up with a buddy from your study line and we will match you with two people from other studies
  • Sign up as a team, and the requirement here is, that you represent two faculties in the team

Stay updated!

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