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Circle U. Mentors related to Aarhus Eats Greener

Ask our mentors about their specific fields of expertise

Hans Sanderson,
Sr Scientist at Aarhus University

Dr Sanderson has more than 3 decades of experience in the area of environmental science and sustainability. He is leading the AU Climate Service Center engaging with companies, municipalities and organization to help them reduce their CO2 emissions. He is also AU’s Climate Pact Ambassador to the EU Commission as well as the National expert to the EU Commission regarding cluster six on farm to fork and the environment under the Horizon Europe funding programme. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and is one of Europe’s leading climate service and climate risk researchers. He can contribute to:

  • CO2 emission assessments
  • Climate risk analysis
  • Reduction target development
  • Sustainability analysis
  • See Hans' profile here.

Merethe Kruse,
Special Consultant

Based on many years of experience with facilitating collaboration between companies and students, I am a specialist within challenges and case competitions. I have headed Aarhus University’s largest cross disciplinary case competition for five years and can provide counseling within ideation, case solving method, case presentation and communication. I can also guide you in understanding and working with the problem statement, help you plan your case solving process and give you advice on how you could best collaborate and divide roles and tasks in your teams. Furthermore I can guide you towards relevant networks, which could be helpful in qualifying your solutions. I can provide counseling on:

  • Case solving and case presentation method
  • Teamwork, tasks and case solving process
  • Networks, which could be helpful in qualifying your solutions
  • See Merethe's Linked In profile here

Sara Andersson,
Innovation Consultant

As a program lead for citizen climate action in the Municipality in Aarhus (Department for Culture and Citizen Services), I engage and empower citizens, cultural life and civil society to be a part of the green transition. Our program provides people with climate knowledge and tools, supports green action through communities and involves citizens in climate democracy through eg Climate Citizen Assemblies. I have 15+ years of human-centered design and innovation experience that I use to design and test new experiences, solutions and strategies based on our target groups’ needs and motivations. I can contribute with insights on:

  • Citizen-focused projects and goals in the municipality’s Climate Action Plan
  • Methods for creating green engagement based on behavioral design
  • How to run a successful innovation project including eg. target group research, concept development, prototyping, test design and implementation
  • See Sara's Linked In profile here

Christian Lausten Sørensen,
Special Advisor

With more than 15 years of generalist experience from the Mayor’s Department in the City of Aarhus I have a useful overview of relevant actors in Aarhus. I am well connected and will be able to support with general insights and suggestions for further experts relevant for solving the challenge in the case competition. My core competencies lie within the field of strategic development of the educational sector and the labor market. 

  • General overview and guidance with regards to relevant contact persons
  • General knowledge about the case competition and its process
  • See Christian's Linked In profile here

Dan Kristian Kristensen,
Sustainability Consultant

In my capacity as sustainability consultant (Mayor’s Department, The City of Aarhus) I am working with climate and sustainability related issues. A special focus in my work is the facilitation of partnerships and collaboration between public organizations and private enterprises. Also I have a research background within the agro-food field. Thus I also work with various activities related to the food system and the associated value chains in Aarhus Municipality.

  • Knowledge and insights related to the Climate plan for Aarhus Municipality, especially related to external partners.
  • Overview of the innovation eco-system for food and agriculture in the Aarhus area.
  • Knowledge and insights regarding climate strategies and the sustainability agenda
  • See Dan's Linked In profile here

Ingeborg Jacobsen,
Strategic Project Developer

I work with supporting the cross-sectoral cooperation on implementing and developing the Climate Action Plan across the municipal departments and the city’s stakeholders. I'm engaged in developing and supporting strategic opportunities and creating synergies for the city’s EU projects and initiatives related to climate and smart city-solutions, and can contribute with insights on:

  • Overview on priorities and projects related to the municipality’s Climate Action Plan
  • Mapping of strategic opportunities and synergies between climate initiatives and projects
  • Cross-sectoral cooperation and engagement of the city’s stakeholders
  • Project development and process planning
  • See Ingeborg's Linked In profile here