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AU Case Competition Network Kick Off

Join the kick off meeting and Skype lecture!

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen will welcome you all, and kick off the AU Case Competition Network.

When: 3rd October 2018 from 15.00 – 17.00

Where: Richard Mortensen room, building 1422

Who: Lecturers, instructors, educational planners, heads of study and development consultants at AU

We open the AU Case Competition Network with a Skype lecture by Richard Donovan, who is Professor of Practice in Management at McGill University in Montreal. Richard Donovan has extensive experience in working with case competition, both from a lecturer’s- and a management perspective. He gave a lecture to the participants in AU Challenge 2018, and his lecture was rated among the most inspiring. Richard Donovan will also be available for feedback sessions after the lecture. In addition to this, you will be organized in small feedback Groups.

The AU Case Competition Network is aimed towards AU employees, who would like to include case competition as an educational element, or who work with case competition already. Instructors who wish to include cases as an instructional strategy within their courses are also welcome.

The network will be an active forum for co-development and feedback for working with case competition in your respective fields, and for sharing experience. We will meet up 3-4 times during the academic year.

Richard Donovan’s introduction to his Skype lecture:
Case Competitions provide a great opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge and competencies and to be recognized for their accomplishments. As educational planners, instructors and lecturers we need to provide the circumstances for this to happen. This includes training and providing all the support necessary. This lecture will cover McGill’s 20 year journey through case competitions with key lessons learned. We will focus on the educational outcome of case competition and how to work with it, including examples of curricular case competitions at AU. There will be time for discussion, too.  

How does Mc Gill work with case competition?       
What skill sets do students develop by working with case competition?       
What can case competition contribute to curricular and extracurricular courses?       
How can business-cases be positioned in curriculum?       
Case competition in- or besides the curriculum, examples from AU 
Q & A session

Sign up: By writing to mekr@au.dk

Deadline for signing up is 26/9.